About us - AICROS Association of International CROs
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About us

Conducting Worldwide Clinical Trials

AICROS, the Association of International CROs, is an official network of small to midsize CROs, with a proven track record of experience providing clinical research services for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technology industries.


With the experience we have gained throughout the years, we know the challenges the sponsor faces in every step of their clinical development process. We overcome these constraints by quickly adapting to changing environments, adhering to specific client requirements and applying proactive problem-solving approaches throughout the whole project.

Global solutions by local experts


We will lead your product to market with tailor-made solutions customized to your clinical development program.

Global-Local Scale And Agility

We conduct international clinical trials  with added-value to the sponsor:

  • We are agile
  • We have competitive cost-effective solutions
  • We have extensive local regulatory expertise
  • We have low staff turnover and highly motivated teams
  • We have a long-lasting relationship with the clinical sites and investigators
  • We apply highest standards of quality and transparency

How we work

Our members try to be the best in their regions and they continuously improve, becoming a better version of the CRO each day.

With a team of the best local CROs and more than 80 years of experience all together through nearly all therapeutic areas, we ensure our clients get the best services they need. Our clients have the right to an excellent service.  Rely on AICROS.

We are proud of our high repeat business rate as some clients have been working together with us for over 14 years.


Quality Standards


Some of our members are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

We were inspected by FDA and local Regulatory Authorities:

  • Four FDA inspections in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2016;
  • Large number of local Regulatory Authority inspections in different countries focused on medicinal product studies, medical device investigations as well as on studies with combination products.
  • Inspections of our full-service quality management system by EU competent authorities in 2016.

Over 200 Clinical and regulatory experts

Global coverage in over 80 countries on 4 continents

9 alliance members with an average business experience of 15 years in clinical research

The AICROS team is committed to innovation, quality and sustainability.

From local to global scale, AICROS professionals can help you  unlock  growth potential. Get in touch with us today and see how we can support you and your team.

Take advantage of our expertise. Contact us for tailor-made solutions for your clinical studies