ANDREAS BEUST - AICROS Association of International CROs
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Andreas Beust

Dr. Andreas Beust (PhD), CEO of GCP-Service, has leveraged his extensive experience working in several capacities, primarily as a Biostatistician. He assumed leadership of GCP-Service’s Biostatistics department in 2020 and took over the Medical Writing department in the following year. As the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), he has significantly influenced the firm’s approach to risk-based quality management, with a particular emphasis on optimizing monitoring in a risk-based, efficient, and data-driven manner.

Within AICROS he is responsible for the countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the NL, Belgium, France, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. Having participated in more than 70 trials to date, Dr. Beust possesses a deep understanding of the requirements for clinical trials at both European and international levels. His prior experience as a Biostatistician offered him valuable insights into statistical consulting and trial optimization

Andreas is President of AICROS since 2022